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Paris has had the pleasure and privilege of having studied poetry under the guidance of incredible mentors including Judith Beveridge, Gemma Mahadeo,

ali whitelock and Mark Tredinnick. She will continue

to work with ali and Mark through one-on-one mentorships in 2023.

ali whitelock (November 2022):

THIS POEM IS SERIOUSLY FABULOUS! … SO GOOD! It reads beautifully, tragically, has all the ingredients that I love so much in poetry. Your voice keeps on getting stronger and stronger and stronger. Honestly, this reads as though you've been writing for years. NOT MONTHS. There's such a maturity to the writing. It's pared back. Beautifully done Paris.

Mark Tredinnick, OAM (December 2022):

Paris brought to my class an artistic ambition and passion for making that I have come to know well in her; she was also widely read in poetry.

I don’t believe I’ve had the privilege to observe a poetry student learn so fast and well and pass through such an astonishing transformation. And, of course, the voice she found was no one’s but her own, and it is a voice, turned to subject-matter both urgent and playful, that we all need to hear.

Indeed, we are beginning to hear that voice now. Paris has now won

her first couple of poetry prizes and wrote and performed a poetry sequence for Slam Messiah at the Riverside Theatre of Parramatta,

for River City Voices on Friday 16 December. A stunning piece of writing and performance, which marks her emergence as a professional poet.

Paris’s work is marked by originality of voice, integrity of feeling, sass, sensuality, depth of thought, rebellion, and tenderness.

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