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Having received a scholarship to the Australian Theatre for Young People, Paris combines her love for poetry and theatre into the exploration of the art of performance poetry.

For details about Paris' upcoming poetry performances, please see here.

Paris Rosemont is an emerging poet.

Her poetry has been described as 'marked by originality of voice, integrity of feeling, sass, sensuality, depth of thought, rebellion, and

As a freelance copywriter and ghost-writer, Paris has had journal articles published in print magazines and online, as well as pitch proposals and stories for a major television network. 

Paris has undertaken editorial work for a variety of clients and purposes, ranging from editing novel manuscripts for New Society Club, to proof-reading voluminous documents in the legal sphere. She was once a regular advice columnist for the Motor Traders' Association of New South Wales Journal.

Paris is currently working on her debut collection of poetry: Banana Girl. She writes about topics that stir her passions - explorations of love, lust, loss, sex, queerness, motherhood, identity, feminism, dysfunction, dystopia and power dynamics - peppered with more than a smattering of social commentary. 

As a second generation Asian-Australian, Paris is particularly interested in exploring issues of identity, displacement, generational trauma and reclaiming power through her literary expression. 

Paris Rosemont

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