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 A little bit of fun! 

Paris is passionate about music.

She is a regular supporter of the live music scene

and attends gigs as often as she is able to.

Paris has also had a couple of

blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos in music clips. 

Artwork (inset) by Jodi Phillis

Greta Gertler Gold's 'Dreaming Onwards'

Jodi Phillis's 'Becoming'

Dance is another one of Paris' loves. 

She adores Sydney Vintage Dance Studio and has dabbled with styles ranging from

Go-Go to burlesque, Charleston to flamenco!

Goddess 9.jpg

Paris has a penchant for Greek mythology.

Here she is channelling Calliope,

beautiful-voiced goddess of poetry and eloquence.

Photographer: Sherbet Birdie Photography

Hair and Makeup: Dianne Murphy

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