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WestWords Mini-Masterclass podcast in which I co-interview cellist Peter Hollo about music + poetry

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Twenty years ago, I crossed paths with a wonderfully talented cellist whose experimental, genre-crossing, boundary-pushing music, fierce intelligence and bookish inner geek spoke to the nerdiness, thirst for knowledge and undercurrent of rebellion within myself. Never, ever, ever would I have imagined back then that I would one day be interviewing Peter Hollo as a (kind of) equal (although c'mon, this is a guy who has played in Carnegie Hall, for goodness sake!) for a podcast about the marriage between music + poetry + spoken word. 🎶📚

But that's precisely what took place earlier this month, thanks to regular WestWords Mini-Masterclass host James Roy, who invited me to co-host this interview. This was James's 78th stint at interviewing for this podcast series...and my virgin voyage!🎙

Peter's band, FourPlay, has long been my favourite string quartet. And they happened to recently release an album with some guy called Neil Gaiman. 😉 If you're interested in listening to this fascinating podcast about the collaboration, creative process and crossover between various artistic forms head on over the the WestWords Mini-Masterclass 'Signs of Life' podcast here. Because it was such an epic interview, it was split into two segments. Listen to Part 2 of the podcast here.

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