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'i crave the forbidden before i even learn his name' published in Neologism Poetry Journal

Poetry lovers: please do yourself a favour and check out Neologism Poetry Journal's current Issue #77, October 2023 (and not just because it features my poetry in it [but that too!]).

This is an EXQUISITE collection of fresh poetry from around the world. And with just eight poets featured in this issue, it is a most digestible treat. I hoovered it up during my lunch break and am so invigorated by how much amazing talent is out there. Such fabulous poetry that makes me go WOW!

Some of my more experimental poetry is very niche (read: it can be difficult to find the right homes for it). I am humbled that one of my poems (a quirky piece titled 'i crave the forbidden before i even learn his name') was selected for publication by Neologism Poetry Journal. I'd read their mission statement and previous issues and hoped my poetry may have had a home there.

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